SJ Training with Aileen Craig at Terally – 21st February 2020

Click here for link to book online.

Groups will be jumping at a similar height.  Please specify who you wish to share lesson with if you have a preference.

Times will be between 12 noon – 7.30 pm (approximately).  Please advise if there is a particular time you wish and we will try to accommodate.

                                                         S&DRC Member               Non Member

1 hour – group (3 riders)                           £17                                 £26

45 minutes – 2 riders                                £20                                 £29

30 minutes – individual                             £26                                 £39


Training for S&DRC members is being subsidised by the Club.

Non-members of S&DRC are welcome to attend but must be members of an affiliated Riding Club, or the Pony Club or a BHS Gold member.  Please bring proof of insurance.  Thank you.

Book online at:

Bookings must be made no later than Monday 17th February.

Please note that if you cancel a booking after 17th February and it is not possible to fill the space the fee will still be payable.  Cancellations where space is filled will incur a small fee to cover PayPal charge (£3.00).