HUNT CROSS at Whitecrook – 22nd April 2018

Lead Rein / Let Loose – 1st Emma Drummond and Forlan Hero, 2nd Aleeah Robison and Eddie, 3rd Erin Jamieson and Cusop Paris.

Ponies X Poles – 1st Erin Jamieson and Cusop Paris, 2nd Emma Drummond and Forlan Hero.

Ponies – 45 cm – 1st Zoe McConnell and Freya, 2nd Kelsie Laing and Eddie. Special Award – Erin Jamieson and Cusop Paris.

Horses – 45 cm – 1st Arlene McKie and Ernie. Special Award – Nicole Cockburn and Soldier.

Ponies – 55 cm – 1st Madison Laing and Tommy, 2nd Libby Kay and Lacy Oliver, 3rd Zoe McConnell and Freya.

Horses 55 cm – 1st Abbie Ribbens and Bliss, 2nd Liz Foulds and Joey, 3rd Leonie Laing and Malky, 4th Ali Yellowlees and Minnow, 5th Vicki Fairfoull and Lily; 6th Christopher Baillie and Clover.

Ponies 70 cm – 1st Leilani Bartlet and Cosmic Aztec, 2nd Madison Laing and Tommy, 3rd Jenni Brooke and Belle, 4th Georgie Barr and Amy, 5th Izzy Miller-Smith and Miami Hourglass, 6th Emily Kay and SBS Scribbler.

Horses 70 cm – 1st Daniel Richmond and Rolo, 2nd Julie Pedley and Winnie, 3rd Maureen Rice and Ardlea Jenny, 4th Hannah Burns and Haughmond Midnite at Last, 5th Liz Foulds and Joey, 6th= Leonnie Laing and Malky and Heather Scott and Boris.

Ponies 85 cm – 1st Rhona Baillie and Connie, 2nd Georgie Barr and Amy, 3rd Emma Donnan and Blue, 4th Jenni Brooke and Belle.

Horses 85 cm – 1st Joss Drummond and Castlebay Rockstar, 2nd Mollie Miller-Smith and Casper, 3rd Rachael Baillie and Miami George, 4th Mhairi Ross and Wally, 5th Anna Cathcart and Eagle Eye McCherry, 6th Isla Forsyth and Maverick.

Ponies 1 m – 1st Emma Donnan and Blue.

Horses 1 m – 1st Andrew Drummond and Haslemere Quin, 2nd Julie Pedley and Hootcha Boy, 3rd Ruth McGarry and Lyric, 4th Debs Millington and April.