Combined Training 2018

PDF Format:  2018 Combined Training Schedule

Style Jumping Rules 2018


Dressage (Points League) – 9 am

Clear Rounds 10.30 – 11 am         Show Jumping (Points League) – 11 am

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Sunday 12th August   9 am start

Judge: TBC

Entries due: Thursday 9th August

Class 1     Intro C (2016)

Class 2     Prelim 7 (2002)

Class 3     Prelim 17A (2017)

Class 4      Novice 28 (2008)



Combined Training – sponsored by Gallowhill Riding Centre

CT 1 – Class 1 Dressage (Intro) and Let Loose SJ

CT 2 – Class 1 Dressage (Intro) and 60 cm SJ

CT 3 – Class 2 Dressage (First Prelim) and 50 cm SJ

CT 4 – Class 2 Dressage (First Prelim) and 70 cm SJ

CT 5 – Class 3 Dressage (Second Prelim) and 60 cm SJ

CT 6 – Class 3 Dressage (Second Prelim) and 80 cm SJ

CT 7 – Class 4 Dressage (Novice) and 70 cm SJ

CT 8 – Class 4 Dressage (Novice) and 90 cm SJ



This competition will be run under British Riding Club Rules. Classes run in numerical order.  Combinations may enter a maximum of 2 dressage and 3 consecutive SJ classes.

Competitors may enter SJ classes only, dressage classes only, or the Combined Training classes. Only dressage and CT classes must be entered in advance.  All SJ only classes – entries on the day.

Times will be given for dressage classes on the website ( on Friday prior to competition.


Entry Fees       For Combined Training state SJ height on entry. S&DRC Member Non Member
Dressage (Dressage entries prior to closing date) £7 £10
Showjumping (SJ entries only on the day) £5 £7
Combined Training Competition (1 x D + 1 x SJ) £10 £17

Plus £1 per combination towards ground maintenance (pay on the day).


Combined Training Scoring

The dressage percentage is converted into penalty points by subtracting from 100 and rounding to one decimal point. The result is the score in penalty points for the test.

Any jumping penalties are added to the time penalties incurred to calculate the total penalties for this phase.

The total score for an individual is obtained by adding the Dressage and Show Jumping penalties together. The combination with the lowest total score will win.

It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure they are wearing hats and body protectors to the correct standard.