Charity Show – 2nd September 2018

Charity Horse Show Schedule 2nd September 2018

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CHARITY HORSE SHOW – Sunday 2nd September 2018

Castlefields, Castle Kennedy, Stranraer, DG9 8SQ

In memory of Dr John Calvert

Proceeds will be shared between Stranraer & District RC and Macmillan Cancer Support


Show Classes – Entry Fees (per entry per class)

S&DRC Members = £7           Non-members = £10

Plus £1 per combination per event towards ground maintenance (pay on the day)

Numbers will be issued on the day of the Show.

ENTRIES DUE: Thursday 30th August

Late entries will be accepted on payment of additional £5 per combination, and received in advance of show.  Entries on the day will be double entry fee.

If required, send SAE for entry acknowledgement.


Qualifier for TSR Scottish Riders Championships.

TSR Showing Finals – TSR Showing Finals – This show is a qualifier for the 2017 TSR Scottish Showing Finals 23rd & 24th Sep at Grand Slam Show, Bishopton. The Rider/Handler qualifies and can enter any horse/pony in any number of Finals!

TSR Riders Finals – 1st & 2nd riders qualify and will receive a qualification card in the ring.

TSR In Hand Finals – The two highest placed Handlers with a TSR In Hand Card will qualify in any In Hand class. Handlers MUST have their cards signed in the ring by the judge/steward, cards are available FREE from the TSR website.

TSR Medal Awards – TSR members can collect qualification cards & signatures and redeem for a TSR Medal see TSR website for details.

BSHA Grass Roots & SHGB Riding Club Champs – With a TSR qualification card you can also enter the BSHA Grass Roots Champs in September at Addington Equestrian Centre – You do not have to be a BSHA member to qualify or enter the final. See PLUS the Sport Horse GB Riding Club Championship

More information on The Showing Register website at:




Classes may clash and will not be held up for competitors in another ring.

Do NOT muck out horseboxes on site. Take droppings home.

Thank you.



Caledonian Showing Championships

The Caledonian Showing Championships are now well established in

the showing calendar and will once again give 2018 competitors the

opportunity to compete at a top level Championship Final in Scotland.


Evening Performances, loads of bling and razzmatazz ….

everything an end of season Championship should have!


This year’s show will be held at:

Highfield @ Howe, near Ladybank, Fife on 13/14 October 2018


This Show is a qualifier and every horse and pony placed 1st and 2nd in all In Hand and Ridden Showing classes (not fun classes) and Working Hunter/Pony classes will qualify to compete in any appropriate class at the Finals.

Qualification will be from placings, no qualification cards will be awarded in the ring, and no qualification can go down the line.

Qualification is for the Horse and Pony except for Adult/Young Handler classes, where the Handler qualifies.

All qualified horses and ponies will be listed on the Caledonian Showing Show’s website where you will also find a regularly updated list of qualifying shows as well as a wealth of other information.


General Rules

    1. The organisers reserve the right to cancel, amalgamate and divide classes where necessary to facilitate the running of the event.
    2. No refunds will be given, except at the discretion of the organisers.
  • The Judge’s decision will be final.


    1. INSURANCE: It is mandatory for anyone attending this event to have public liability (3rd party) insurance. Anyone entering must bring proof of their own PL insurance.
    2. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that when mounted they are wearing a hard hat conforming to current British Riding Clubs rules.
    3. Anyone using a mobile phone in the ring will be asked to leave immediately.
    4. Horses and Ponies must only be ridden at walk outwith warm-up or rings. Organisers will request the immediate removal of any animal not under control.
    5. Stallions or colts must not be led or ridden be any one under the age of 14. Stallions must be identified by a red, white and blue ribbon displayed in their tail.
  • The ages of horses will be calculated from 1st January in the year in which they were foaled. All horses and ponies shown under saddle to be four years and over.


  1. All ponies shown in the Mountain and Moorland classes must be shown in accordance with the breed societies regulations. The M&M classes are open to registered and non-registered animals.
  2. Exhibitors are required to withdraw from a class if the Judge has an interest in his/her exhibit (owned, trained, kept at livery, ridden in competition, financial interest or similar).
  3. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Please scoop the poop.
  4. Any objections against the awards of the Judges (which on the merits of each exhibit shall be final – see Rule 3), or in regard to any matter connected with the Show, must be lodged in writing, with the Secretary, not later than 12 noon on the day following the Show. Each protest must be accompanied by a deposit of £25, and if not upheld the sum deposited may, at the discretion of the Committee, be forfeited to the Club. All decisions of the Committee shall be final in determining the outcome.


DISCLAIMER: All vehicles are parked at owners’ risk.  The BHS / event organisers do not accept any liability for any accidents, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators, land or any other person or property whatsoever.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Official photographs and video will be taken at this event and may be published on websites, social media or in other publications. If you do not want your image(s) to be used, please inform the event secretary in advance of the event.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: The Organiser of this event has taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organiser and all officials and stewards.


Entries (online): stranraerrc

Numbers pre-entered in classes will be posted on Club website on 1st September.

Enquiries: Jane    07717 758 638 OR





RING 1     Judges: Ms J Jardine and Mr A Moffat, Dumfries

Class 1      Yearling colt, filly or gelding – to be shown in hand.

Class 2      2 or 3 year old colt, filly or gelding – to be shown in hand.

CKHDT TROPHY for best yearling, two or three year old.

Class 3      Best Turned Out Cob, Coloured, Veteran, Riding Horse or Hunter – in hand or ridden.

Class 4      Cob In Hand – any age, breed or type.

Class 5      Veteran In Hand (16 years and over).

Class 6      Coloured Native / Traditional – In Hand – any age.

Class 7      Coloured Sports / Plaited – In Hand – any age.

Class 8      Cob – to be shown ridden.

SINGLETONS SHATTON SOPHIE MEMORIAL TROPHY for best cob from winners of Classes 4 and 8.

Class 9      Veteran (16 years and over) – to be shown ridden.

Class 10    Coloured Native / Traditional – to be shown ridden.

Class 11    Coloured Sports / Plaited – to be shown ridden.

ZEBADEE TROPHY for Best Coloured from winners of Classes 6, 7, 10 & 11.

Class 12    RIDING HORSE, mare or gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148 cm. To be shown ridden.

Class 13      HUNTER, mare or gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148 cm but not exceeding 158 cm.  To be shown ridden.

Class 14      HUNTER, mare or gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 158 cm.  To be shown ridden.

CHAMPIONSHIP – CO-OPERATIVE TROPHY – 1st and 2nd in classes 1- 14.


RING 2       Judge: Mr D Richmond, Ayrshire

Class 15    Best Turned Out M&M, Lead Rein, First Ridden, Show Pony or SHP – in hand or ridden.

Class 16    Mountain and Moorland Small Breeds – Any age – to be shown in hand. (Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh A and B.)

Class 17    Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds – Any age – to be shown in hand. (Connemara, Dales, Fell, Highland, New Forest, Welsh C & D.)

Class 18    Lead Rein Pony – mare or gelding, 4 years old and over, not exceeding 128 cm (12.2 hh). Rider 10 years and under.  Snaffle bridle.  Lead rein to be attached to the noseband only.

Class 19    First Ridden Pony – mare or gelding, 4 years old and over, not exceeding 128 cm. Rider 10 years and under.  Snaffle bridle.

Class 20    Mountain and Moorland Small Breeds – to be shown ridden. (Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh A and B.)

Class 21    Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds – to be shown ridden. (Connemara, Dales, Fell, Highland, New Forest, Welsh C & D.)

TERREGLES STUD TROPHY for Best Shetland (Standard or Miniature) (Classes 16 & 20).

Class 22    Show Pony – mare or gelding, 4 years old and over, not exceeding 148 cm (14.2hh). Rider 16 years and under. Class may be split if sufficient entries.

Class 23    Ridden Show Hunter Pony – mare or gelding, 4 years old and over, not exceeding 133 cm (13 hh). Rider 16 years and under.

Class 24    Ridden Show Hunter Pony – mare or gelding, 4 years old and over, not exceeding 153 cm (15 hh). Rider 19 years and under.


EMMA McMIKEN TROPHY FOR BEST SHOW AND SHOW HUNTER PONY from winners of classes 18, 19, 22, 23 & 24.

CHAMPIONSHIP – BILL WHITEHALL TROPHY – 1st and 2nd in classes 15 – 24.

CKHDT TROPHY FOR BEST TURNED OUT – 1st and 2nd in classes 3 and 15.

SUPREME CHAMPIONSHIP   –   Champion and Reserve from Rings 1 & 2.




Judging commences at approximately 3 pm.

Entry fee: £2.00 on the day.

Judge: TBA

Class 1 – Household pet, excluding dogs

Class 2 – Puppy (up to 6 months)

Class 3 – Terrier

Class 4 – Gun Dog

Class 5 – Any other dog breed – small

Class 6 – Any other dog breed – large

CHAMPIONSHIP –  1st and 2nd from Classes 1 – 6.


Charity Horse Show – SHOWJUMPING

Classes commence at approximately 1.30 pm.     ENTRIES ON THE DAY.

Entry fee: S&DRC Members:  £5.00            NON Members:  £8.00

Stranraer & District Members – Points League Event

Clear round jumping, time permitting. £3 per round.


Class SJ1  Lead rein pony – x poles – Aberdour Hotel Trophy.

Combination not to enter any other class.

Entries in classes SJ2, SJ3, SJ4 and SJ5 not to have been placed

1st in any jumping competition with 6 or more entries.

Class SJ2       Let Loose – x poles – Trophy

Class SJ3       Ponies 40 cm – Trophy

Class SJ4       Horses 40 cm – Trophy

Class SJ5       Starter Pony – max height 50 cm – Trophy

Class SJ6       Starter Horse – max height 50 cm – Hanson Horses Trophy

Class SJ7       Pre Beginner Pony – max height 60 cm – Trophy

Class SJ8       Pre Beginner Horse – max height 60 cm –  Trophy

Class SJ9       Beginner Pony – max height 70 cm – Drumlanrig Pony Tandems Trophy

Class SJ10     Beginner Horse – max height 70 cm – Tosca Trophy

Class SJ11     Novice Pony – max height 80 cm – Drumlanrig Novice Pony Trophy

Class SJ12     Novice Horse – max height 80 cm – Blues Novice Horse Salver

Class SJ13     Small Intermediate Pony – max height 90 cm –  Trophy

Class SJ14     Small Intermediate Horse – max height 90 cm – Trophy

Class SJ15     Intermediate Pony – max height 1 m – Kinkerrin Shield

Class SJ16     Intermediate Horse – max height 1 m – XC Equestrian Trophy

Class SJ17     Large Open (Horses and Ponies) – 1.05 / 1.10 m – Trophy



Rules as per Stranraer & District Riding Club showjumping rules.