Showjumping – 14th May 2017

Stranraer and District Riding Club held the first of their summer league show jumping events on Sunday 14th of May. There was a great turn out for the first event of the season at Castlefields with a great turn out on such a warm sunny day.

Thanks to Julie Pedley for organising and the results.

Lead rein (sponsored by murray crawford)

1st cara jamieson on timmy

2nd noah gaw on max


Let loose (sponsored by elaine ramsay rosettes)

1st pheobe gaw on max


40cm (sponsored by whiteleys livery)


1st jenni brooke on tink

2nd charlotte gaw on henry

3rd zoe mcconnell on abbie

4th sara mcconnell on venus

5th libby kay on oliver


1st arlene mckie: ernie


Starter stakes:

PONIES( sponsored by digital 26) 1 jenni brooke and tink, 2 charlotte gaw on henry, 3 madison laing on tommy, 4 emily kay on teddie, 5 zoe mcconnell on abbie, 6 nicole cockburn on laddie

HORSES (sponsored by papa rab’s pizzas) 1 laura smithers on sheree, 2 arlene mckie on ernie


Pre beginner

Pony ( sponsored by torbet plant hire) 1 madison laing on tommy

2 emily  kay on teddie

3 zoe mconnell on abbie

4 kelsie laing on laddie

HORSES (sponsored by nfu mutual)

1 leonnie laing on malky

2 katie pettingale on monty

3 laura smithers on sheree



PONY (sponsored by montpelier professional)

1 zoe ramsay on peanuts

2 madison laing on tommy

3 leonie laing on laddie

HORSE ( sponsored by wbs signs)

1 leonie laing on malky



Pony ( sponsored by academy vets centre)

1 zoe ramsay on peanuts

Horses ( sponsored by terally ec)

1 emily singleton on rio

2 leonie laing on malky

3 ricky whorlow on monty

4 ellis ramsay on queenie

5 julie pedley on winnie


Small intermediete

Pony (sponsored by the hansen company)

1 rhona baillie on connie

Horses (sponsored by daniel makinson photography)

1 ellis ramsay on queenie

2 rachael baillie on miami george

3 emily singleton on geoff

4 julie pedley on twingo

5 ricky whorlow on monty

6 isla forsyth on maverick



Horse ( sponsored by jetset saddlery)

1 emily singleton on geoff

2 isla forsyth on maverick

3 julie pedley on twingo

4 rachael baillie on miami george